Torch SUP Paddle

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In a sea of similar paddles, there isn't much that actually sets apart one from another, a Torch SUP Paddle however, is about the most un-boring thing there is. Sexy, faceted angles define the face of the blade; channeled to protect the LEDs and chiseled to provide strength. Lights shine on just one side of the blade; lighting up everything you want to see in front of you, without blinding you or those behind you. Be the envy of those who you paddle past with a paddle that's built to light up your night.   Do yourself a favor and watch the VIDEO tab.  Then you'll see how insanely cool these things are!

Man these paddles really have changed the SUP industry.  We've all seen the pics of night paddles using various light sources.  And they really are way cool.  But this paddle adds a huge benefit that some other light sources don't offer, and that's the ability to use it ANY time you paddle.  It serves as a great all-around paddle for any outing, but adds the ability to light up the water around you after dark.  And you can use it on the way back to the rig as a flashlight.  These things are worth their weight in gold, and you'll be surprised how many times you'll be saying, "Man, I'm glad I bought one of these!"