NOCQUA Sport Edition White LED Light Kit

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Introducing the NOCQUA Sport Edition, the next generation of underwater light systems for paddlers. As a follow up to the pioneering launch of the 2000 and Spectrum Pro Series, the NOCQUA Sport is designed to make the experience even more accessible. The NOCQUA Sport is constructed with the same flexibility as the Pro Series – able to be used on SUP, Kayak, and Canoes – but is even more versatile due to its compact size and advanced LED and battery technology.

This system is complete with everything you need. The NOCQUA Sport is the answer for every night time adventure, on the water and off.

It's always the same reaction when any SUP fan sees these.  Holy crap that's awesome!  Then there's that twist in your stomach as you imagine how cool it'd be to paddle in the pitch black and have the entire water under you lit up.  It's insane.  These things open up a whole new world of paddling....and we don't have to rush back to shore as dusk rolls in any more!  The fun is just getting started.  
Another nice bonus is that you can use these around the beach or around the truck after you're off the water.  They cast a ton of bright light and are super handy even when you aren't paddling.  Well worth the money!