Official STOKE Tribe koozie

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We all know the most important session of the day is the one after we get off the water......when we get to hang with our friends, share stories, and bask in the afterglow of a great time spent on the water making memories.  Only one koozie is perfect for that:  our new STOKE koozie.
These are premium neoprene and built to last a lifetime.  Thick.  Durable.  And best of all....they keep you chill.
Get a few today, and get your STOKE on the next time you come off the water!  FREE SHIPPING!!

What can we say.  They're ours.  So, of course, they are the most kick-ass can koozie on the planet.  You can put cans in them.  You can put bottles in them.  You can stick them in your back pockets to pad your own tail if you want.  Just get em!